Facade Improvements Grant Program

Please carefully read the following:
A business may receive assistance for one grant per building during the fiscal year (October 1 to September 30). Funding assistance is approved and awarded at the sole discretion of the DeSoto Development Corporation (DDC) Board. All projects must be reviewed by the DeSoto DC’s CEO prior to EDC board consideration. Funding assistance is distributed as a reimbursement grant after the applicant submits paid receipts for the completed project and a certificate of occupancy is issued for the building for commercial use.

All applicants should plan to attend the board meeting when applications are reviewed. Please upload all documentation. A summary of expenses (receipts) with total to be considered must be included. You may also mail your documentation to DeSoto DC, 211 E. Pleasant Run Rd., DeSoto, TX 75115. Include 10 copies of all documentation if mailed.

    If Leased:

    Attach supporting documentation. File size limit is 3mb per file. You may provide PDF, JPG, DOC or PPT files.


    I (We) the undersigned do hereby acknowledge and/or certify, as the case may be, the following:

    1. That the submission of this Application does not create any property, contract, or other legal rights in any person or entity to have the EDC provide grant funding.

    2. That if grant funding is approved, full compliance will be maintained with all the provisions of the “Guidelines and Criteria”, and/or special provisions attached as a part of the grant, and that failure to do so can be grounds for ineligibility to receive previously approved grant funding.

    3. That before application is to be reviewed by the EDC, a designee(s) of the EDC shall have the right to inspect the business and work to be considered.

    4. That the EDC reserves unto itself its absolute right of discretion in deciding whether or not to approve a grant relative to this application, whether or not such discretion is deemed arbitrary or without basis in fact.

    5. That the laws of the State of Texas shall govern the interpretation, validity, performance, and enforcement of the “Guidelines and Criteria”, and this Application, and that if any provision or provisions of these should be held invalid or unenforceable, the validity and enforceability of the remaining provisions of these shall not be affected thereby.

    6. That the information provided in this Application, and all that may have been affixed hereto, is true and correct, and that the EDC may rely on all of the information herein contained, and all that may have been affixed hereto, as being true and correct.

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